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Don't Rely on an Office Shredder!

If concern about privacy protection, new shredding laws, and identity theft sent you out to buy an office shredder (or has you thinking about it), you may want to rethink that decision. Not only is using a NAID Member the most convenient and economical shredding solution, it is the best way to protect your company in the face of new information protection regulations.

Owning an Office Shredder WILL NOT Protect Your Business

When you shred in the office, the shreds are often easy to put back together. If those shreds are thrown out with the trash, you've simply shown the bad guys what to take. Even more alarming, there is now a process available to scan the shreds and reconstruct the document with a computer program. NAID Members actually hydro-pulp the shreds after they are destroyed so no one ever has the opportunity to reconstruct them.

balerIn most offices, employees are overwhelmed with work and may not always take the time to shred confidential documents. NAID Members provide secure containers into which employees can conveniently deposit the documents that should be shredded.

If your firm is ever asked to prove that materials are being responsibly destroyed because of an audit or a breach, shredding them yourself in the office gives you no external audit trail. Using a NAID Member’s service gives you a verified, on-going record of regular compliance with information destruction requirements.

Office shredders can break down, especially if they are used as heavily as is often warranted. The solution to your information destruction compliance is secure, quick and convenient. NAID Members use industrial shredders capable of destroying hundreds of pounds of material per minute. Those same shredders can handle binders, clips, CDs, tapes and other materials without even a hiccup.