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The Shred Authority is committed to preserving our natural environment. The table below illustrates our efforts to be environmentally friendly.

Item Quantity Saved Ton Equivalency
Recycled Paper 3,614,114 pounds  
Trees Saved 3,615,921 17 trees per ton
Oil 686,682 gallons 380 gallons per ton
Landfill 5,421 cubic yards 3 cubic yards per ton
Reduction in air pollution 692,103 pounds 60 pounds per ton
Energy saved 7,228,228 kilowatts 4,000 kilowatts per ton
Water conserved 12,649,399 gallons 7,000 gallons of water
Absorbed Carbon Dioxide 451,764 pounds 250 pounds per ton

The Shred Authority ensures a comprehensive commitment to environmental conservation.

The Shred Authority AAA NAID Certified participants will shred sensitive paper material adhering to AAA NAID Certification requirements, immediately bale into an extremely dense bale, load onto a mill trailer and send to a paper mill for de-inking and remanufactured into new paper products.

Want to know where our paper goes?
bales of paper brawny truck




The Shred Authority is NAID Certified for Mobile & Plant-based Operations endorsed for Paper/Printed Media, Micro Media, Computer Hard Drive & Non-Paper Media destruction, adhering to the stringent security practices and procedures established by the National Association for Information Destruction.